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Complex Development cannot be performed by one individual alone. Thus, we have affiliated with trusted strategic partners, enabling us to offer complete turnkey solutions related to the services listed above. Our talented team members have years of experience developing and managing Hardware and Software projects for the Avionics, Pro-Audio, and Media Industries. We have extensive experience designing digital and analog electronic hardware. We also have extensive experience designing real-time embedded software for Avionics, Pro-Audio, and other industries.

With the help of our affiliates, we are able to offer all of the services required to turn your idea into a real product, including Concept Design, Requirements Development, Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Embedded Software Development, PC Board Layout, PC Board Manufacture, Mechanical Enclosure Design, User Manuals, other Documentation, Compliance, and Certification for FAA related projects. We can also help with several business related areas as well, including Patent services, Business Plan Writing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Enterprise Resource Planning.


Please contact Len Bryan, Engineer, Proprietor, and your point of contact, with questions or for a free no-obligation proposal and quotation. He will provide you with a complete plan of how we, along with our strategic partners, propose to accomplish your goals.





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Honeywell Ovation IFE System (Software, DO-178B) 

EADS Altitude Comparator (System Engineering)

US Air Force MSTEC (Systems Engineering ) 

ATG-Miami-Dade Contract (Proposal) 

US Navy SOMS (Audio-Visual IT services) 

Novel LED Light Prototyping (R&D - Hardware)

InterMedia Secure Switch (Hardware)



Alto Aviation

Advanced Technical Group

InterMedia Development 


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767/Gulfstream Audio Control Panels (HW/ SW/ DO178B)

Stanton FinalScratch II (Hardware) 

Honeywell TCAS II (Coordinate Conversion Software)

C130 Cabin Cargo Controller (State Machine SW - DO178B)

Sony Digital Audio Console Prototype (Mixed Signal HW) 

Bendix 700 Series (Various Boards, HW Design)

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