We Specialize in these Services


Electronic System design, Concept to Completion
All the Aspects of Electronic System Design, Either Together, or Individually
Such As: Patent Consulting, System Design, Embedded Hardware & Software Design, RF Circuit Design, Analog, Digital, & Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Circuit Board Layout, Prototype Builds, & Mechanical Design.

Other Services We Provide

Custom Web Design, General Software Design, Avionics Software Design with Full Avionics Software Life-cycle Support, Such As: DO-178B/C Consulting, DO-178B/C Documentation, Reviews, & Verification, Pro Audio Design including Low Noise Analog Interfaces & DSP Development, Tech industry Business Plan Development.


Our Subsidiary Company, SigmaDO provides DO-178C  and other Technical Training at your location or ours.


Patent Consulting: We interface on your behalf with our partners who can perform a patent search, write and submit your patent.


System Design: We work with you to ensure that you have a sound design at the highest level of your design/ idea.  We can take your idea or concept and turn it into a system design that is built upon sound engineering principles.


Embedded Hardware & Software Design: We will take your System design and create hardware and software requirements, and then convert those requirements into a working circuit board implementation.


We have RF, Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, & Mechanical experts available to develop each aspect of your product.

Audio & DSP Development

Audio is our main passion.  We can design analog and digital circuits with DSP engines that have phenomenal specifications regarding noise, distortion, bandwidth, and dynamic range. Our audio experience has been applied at Sony, Stanton, & Alto Aviation.

Avionics Software Development

We are experts at DO-178B/C having full life-cycle experience.  We can help with the planning, documentation, design, coding, reviews, verification, and FAA submittal process. We have experience with Level A, B, C, D. Our Avionics experience has been applied at Honeywell, GE, Rockwell, & Alto Aviation.


Custom Web Design: We use tools that speed up the process of generating HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, etc., from your concept.  We provide both front-end and back-end design including photo manipulation, page layout, writing copy, forms, database (MySQL and perl based), REST services, javascript.


General Software Design: We can develop Software written in C, C#, Perl for either desktop or middleware applications. Our partners are available to provide Mobile App development either on a very large scale, or very simple as well.


Technical Industry Business Plans: We can write business plans for small to medium companies related to the electronics device industry.

Engineering services

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